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High quality battery for HP PX03XL - 50Wh,6 cells

Our brand new replacement HP PX03XL batteries are produced under the highest industry standard and made with Grade-A battery cell(Panasonic), 100% compatible Original Manufacturer Specifications.

Condition :
Brand New,High Quality
Chemistry :
Color :
Volatge :
Cells :
6 cells
Capacity :
Dimension :
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Note : 11.1V and 11.4V are compatible, they are in common use.
Our replacement HP PX03XL battery is the product of highest quality, which has obtained international certification ( CE, UL, ROHS, ISO9001/9002 ). Without any memory effect, the battery works as powerful as an extra power supply when traveling or being away from home/office. With long life, this replacement battery for HP PX03XL laptop can be charged/discharged for more than 500-750 cycles (has been rigorously tested). Every piece of replacement HP PX03XL battery pack is under the united protection of the PCP board, PCM board and intellectual power measurement circuit: automatically adjusting the charging time to achieve the maximum amount of charge, with over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, over current protection and short circuit protection.
We offer superb pre-sales and after-sales service, providing a full one year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee for this replacement HP PX03XL battery, 100% OEM compatible with the original HP PX03XL battery. Our batteries for HP PX03XL laptop have also undergone rigorous tests to ensure stability and safety before being dispatched from the battery manufactory. Usually, this high capacity (50Wh, 6 cells) replacement HP PX03XL battery offers the same or even longer usage period as/than that of the original HP PX03XL battery.
Thanks for buying battery for your HP PX03XL at In order to ensure the quality of our replacement HP PX03XL battery and offer you a 100 percent satisfaction with our products, we will strictly test the product quality before shipment.

Compatible Part Numbers

  • 714762-141
  • 714762-171
  • 714762-1C1
  • 714762-241
  • 714762-271
  • 714762-2C1
  • 714762-421
  • 714762-422
  • 715050-001
  • 715050-005
  • PX03050XL-PR
  • PX03XL
  • TPN-C109
  • TPN-C110
  • TPN-C111

Fit Models

  • Envy 14-K000 CTO
  • Envy 14-K001TX
  • Envy 14-K001XX
  • Envy 14-K002LA
  • Envy 14-K002TX
  • Envy 14-K003TX
  • Envy 14-K004LA
  • Envy 14-K004TX
  • Envy 14-K005TX
  • Envy 14-K006LA
  • Envy 14-K006TX
  • Envy 14-K007TX
  • Envy 14-K008TX
  • Envy 14-K009TU
  • Envy 14-K010LA
  • Envy 14-K010TU
  • Envy 14-K010US
  • Envy 14-K012LA
  • Envy 14-K012TX
  • Envy 14-K014TU
  • Envy 14-K016TX
  • Envy 14-K018TX
  • Envy 14-K019TX
  • Envy 14-K020TX
  • Envy 14-K020US
  • Envy 14-K021TX
  • Envy 14-K022TX
  • Envy 14-K023TX
  • Envy 14-K024TX
  • Envy 14-K025TX
  • Envy 14-K026TX
  • Envy 14-K027CL
  • Envy 14-K027TX
  • Envy 14-K028TX
  • Envy 14-K029TX
  • Envy 14-K030TX
  • Envy 14-K032TX
  • Envy 14-K033TU
  • Envy 14-K034TX
  • Envy 14-K035TX
  • Envy 14-K036TX
  • Envy 14-K037TX
  • Envy 14-K038TU
  • Envy 14-K039TX
  • Envy 14-K040TX
  • Envy 14-K041TX
  • Envy 14-K042TX
  • Envy 14-K043TU
  • Envy 14-K044TX
  • Envy 14-K045TX
  • Envy 14-K046TX
  • Envy 14-K047TX
  • Envy 14-K048TX
  • Envy 14-K049TX
  • Envy 14-K050TX
  • Envy 14-K052TU
  • Envy 14-K074CA
  • Envy 14-K100EO
  • Envy 14-K101TX
  • Envy 14-K102TX
  • Envy 14-K106LA
  • Envy 14-K107TX
  • Envy 14-K108TX
  • Envy 14-K110EO
  • Envy 14-K110NR
  • Envy 14-K110TX
  • Envy 14-K111NR
  • Envy 14-K112NR
  • Envy 14-K112TX
  • Envy 14-K113TX
  • Envy 14-K115TX
  • Envy 14-K118TX
  • Envy 14-K119TX
  • Envy 14-K120TX
  • Envy 14-K120US
  • Envy 14-K121TX
  • Envy 14-K122TX
  • Envy 14-K123TX
  • Envy 14-K124TX
  • Envy 14-K125TX
  • Envy 14-K126TX
  • Envy 14-K127TX
  • Envy 14-K128TX
  • Envy 14-K131TX
  • Envy 14-K132TX
  • Envy 14-K133TX
  • Envy 14-K134TU
  • Envy 14-K134TX
  • Envy 14T-K000 CTO
  • Envy 14T-K000
  • Envy 14T-K100 CTO
  • Envy 14T-K100
  • Envy 14T-K110NR
  • Envy M6-K001XX
  • Envy M6-K010DX
  • Envy M6-K012DX
  • Envy M6-K015DX
  • Envy M6-K022DX
  • Envy M6-K025DX
  • Envy M6-K026DX
  • Envy M6-K054CA
  • Envy M6-K058CA
  • Envy M6-K088CA
  • Envy TouchSmart M6-K001XX
  • Envy TouchSmart M6-K012DX
  • Envy TouchSmart M6-K015DX
  • Envy TouchSmart M6-K022DX
  • Envy TouchSmart M6-K025DX
  • Envy TouchSmart M6-K054CA
  • Envy TouchSmart M6-K125DX

Some tips for increase the length of replacement HP PX03XL battery

  1. Please carefully read the instructions before using the battery.
  2. Before using the new replacement HP PX03XL battery for the first time, make sure that the battery is fully discharged and then get it charged for about 12 hours.
  3. You'd better use a dedicated AC adapter when charging the new PX03XL battery
  4. You'd better turn off your HP laptop when the PX03XL battery is charging; do not pull out the power plug or use your computer when charging.
  5. If you don't use laptop for a long time, please remove the replacement HP PX03XL battery, and place it in a ventilated and dry place.
  6. Excessively high or low temperature environment should be avoided when using the PX03XL laptop battery, as the too low or too high temperature will affect the battery life.
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